Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why I Still Love the Dexcom Receiver

One thing I thought was going to be great about the Dexcom G5 was that I could get all my blood sugar data delivered straight to my iPhone.  I wouldn't have to carry around my Dexcom receiver anymore.  That idea of having one less thing I would have to keep up with sounded great to me!  And although I knew with the G5, Dexcom would still send me a receiver, I figured I would put it away in a cabinet along with loads of other diabetic supplies and forget about it.

But as it turns out, I've been carrying around both the receiver and the iPhone. I'm a girl, so shoving things in my purse comes natural to me.  Sometimes it feels quicker to just pull out the Dexcom receiver and hit one button to see my trend graph. (It feels quicker, because it IS quicker.)  Also, if I'm at a movie theater, the screen of my iPhone is distractingly bright, where as the little receiver is less so.
Dexcom G5 Receiver
But unfortunately, I misplace that receiver very often.  Sometimes it's in a weird pocket in my purse, or in a pant pocket, or fallen in the crevice of a chair seat, or wherever... I waste way too much time looking for it. I have said at least a dozen times, "We'll, I guess this time it's gone for good." And then miraculously, it shows up.  I have now written my name and mobile number on the back of it in case a stranger ever comes upon it and doesn't know what it is or what to do with it.

So although I am often annoyed about not being able to find the little receiver, I prefer it over the iPhone app. And here is a little story to illustrate why.

I couldn't find my Dexcom receiver one morning as I was rushing out of the house on my way to yoga.  I looked around the house a bit, but didn't want to be late to class, so I went without it and just brought my iPhone inside the studio.

About 20 minutes into the class, I reached over to my iPhone to see how my blood sugars were doing.  AND THEN the teacher said -loud enough for the entire class to hear- "Uh, no. This is not the time to check your phone or start texting someone."  I'm sure I turned the color of a turnip.  It was rude of her for sure, but I was the one embarrassed.  Do I really seem like that much of an asshole that I would text in the middle of a yoga class?  I looked her, and I shook my head no, whispering , "I'm so sorry.  I wasn't texting though." She came closer to me and asked, "Oh, is that a heart rate monitor or something?" (As if it was really any of her business....) I told her I was diabetic and my phone has an app that shows my blood sugar.  She then said something that she thought made her look like she was being kind in her questioning, but I know better... She said, "Oh, see?  I need to know if you have a condition like that.  In case you ever get real thirsty in here, then I'll understand why and I'll know what to do."

"What?!" I wanted to say. "No.  I'm pretty sure you have no idea what I would need if I had a problem with my (thirst?!) blood sugar during class." But I just breathed in/sighed and did my downward dog pose instead.

Not only is this quick story that explains why I often prefer the Dexcom receiver over my iPhone, it's also an example of why having a Dexcom CGM is so important to me.  I don't want to ever have to rely on others to help me get out of a situation related to my diabetes.  Because they may just think I'm thirsty and pour water on me!

All I ask of you Dexcom is this: Can we please put a tracker on that receiver already?


  1. As a dude I was totally excited about the fact that I could use my iPhone instead of the receiver. While small, I felt like it was just one more thing I had to keep in my pocket. Now I just have my trusty iPhone, which is always in my pocket or on my desk. Now perhaps the other difference for me is I have an Apple Watch, so I can hold that up and flip my finger and see my Dexcom data. You could also do this with the much less expensive Pebble watch and use the SimpleCGM watch face that connects to the Dexcom service. Makes glancing easy!

  2. Yes- I totally get that. If I were a guy, I would for sure want to pare things down to one device. Eventually I'll get the Apple watch- or one of those others. My big 6+ is sometimes a little too cumbersome.
    Hey Dave, thanks so much for adding to the conversation! :)

  3. Have you considered one of these?

  4. Have you considered one of these?

    1. Oh, thanks Kevin. Someone else emailed me mentioning the same thing! Great idea! Do you just velcro it onto the back of the receiver? I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks! :)

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