Monday, November 30, 2015

How Accurate is Dexcom Clarity?

I decided to brag a little today, because after tomorrow, I might find out that my brag is based on misinformation.

I downloaded the Clarity app for my phone when I first received my Dexcom G5. For the first few weeks that I had it, it didn't show what my "estimated A1C" was.  I think it has to collect a couple of weeks of data before it can come up with an estimation.  Within a few weeks, it started spitting out an estimated A1C along with a average glucose number. I felt pretty happy with the numbers I saw in the beginning.  But then felt motivated to make it even lower and better. So I've been trying my best, and doing a few things differently.  And the A1C number keeps getting lower as time goes on.  The other thing is my percentage of time spent "in range" has gotten longer.  It almost seems too good to be true.

Tomorrow will be my first appointment at with my endo since using this Clarity app.  If it's accurate, and I sure hope it is, this will be my best A1c EVER in my life. 

I will not, however, celebrate with ice cream!  Or a bowl of pasta!  Or even a real Coke!

I'll just feel happy- and lucky- that for now, I've got pretty tight control on this mysterious disease that keeps me on my toes, that keeps me learning and trying knew approaches all the time. And that will be enough for me.

Please check back- I will reveal how the endo lab results compare with the Dexcom Clarity app in the next few days.  My fingers are crossed...

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