Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Carbo Loading in Disneyworld

Ok, so now I have my new computer- Yay!
And I'm back from Disney- Hooray!
And I connected with another Type 1 blogger that lives here in Dallas also- and we challenged each other to resume our blogs, which we had both been neglecting as of late.  She's so on-the-ball, she already posted something the day following our discussion. (Check out her blog HERE- it's great!) Now about a week later, I'm ready to jump in as well!

During this past week, when I was at Disneyworld, falling blood sugars were an ongoing problem.
Maybe that was due to constant walking, or not being able to find decent food or even get my hands on indecent food quickly because of long lines.

Anyway, my sugar of choice is always Mentos.  Not the minty ones, but the fruity flavored ones.  But there are only so many Mentos one girl can tolerate over the course of 3 days.  I'm not one to ever pull the "I have diabetes" card out, but fortunately, in a time of need, my friend did it for me.  She asked an employee at one of the restaurants if they could just get me some crackers adding, "...because she's diabetic!"  And it totally worked.  We received very friendly and quick service, as well as a few packs of stale Saltine crackers- and they did the trick.  They provided me with enough carbs to survive and got the ongoing tart flavor from the Mentos out of my mouth for a while.

Thank you, Goofy.
But just for a while.  Eventually, I ran out of the crackers, and had to resort back to the Mentos.  Finally, I ran out of those too. I was then forced to buy an overpriced family sized bag of gummies in the shape of various Disney characters.  The bag was huge, and barely fit in my purse, but they made me feel safe again. I actually never even opened the package! Now they are yet one more memento of my trip to Disneyland.
My first and last day in the Magic Kingdom of DisneyWorld


  1. The same thing happened to me in Italy. I ran out of starbursts, so we were walking around at about 11:00 pm trying to find a shop that sold some sort of candy. We finally found these Italian fruit chews in a huge bag so we bought that and I carried it around the rest of the trip. :)

    1. ug... well, there is a feeling of safety carrying around those big bags of candy, huh?