Monday, October 19, 2015

Dexcom Clarity

On my previous post, I compared the Dexcom G4 and G5. I mentioned how unimpressed I was with the Clarity app that I was told was suppose to be so great.

Not only is the phone app hard to view since it can't be turned to landscape, but the only info I can see is the the "overview" which looks like this:
Other than getting super excited to see that, according to this app, my estimated A1C is a 5.6% (more on that in my next post!) I don't really understand or care much about that graph below. The info provided seems to be very negligible.

But today, I finally went to online.  There's a lot more to see and manipulate when you view it on a computer.  There's also a "user guide" that explains everything. I haven't read through all of that yet, but I get the general idea, because it's pretty user friendly once you just start clicking around.

With Clarity online, I can view all my CGM data, compare blood sugar readings by days and time of day, and I can even set the parameters on that graph pictured above to the numbers of my choosing. Oh... AND, a big bonus, all the graphs are actually large enough on a computer screen that I can see them!

Like I said, I haven't read the user guide, and I have only spent a little time on Clarity online, but it's WAY better than the phone app for me already.  Why they can't just improve the phone app, I don't know. It sure would be a lot more convenient since now I do everything on my phone.  But maybe that's coming down the pipeline.  I suspect it is!

So, if you haven't already, go check it out if you're a Dexcom G5 user.  You'll be asked for you username and password and then, voila!  You'll have all sorts of numbers and graphs to obsess over- if you're anything like me.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Comparing the New Dexcom G5 to the G4

Because I no longer use this site for my blog, this post can now be found on my new blog called My T1 Diabetes.  To find the post comparing the Dexcom G5 to the G4 please click the link HERE. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my new blog.