Friday, September 18, 2015

What Do I Know?!

You'd think that having had diabetes for over 20 years, I'd know everything about it. 

But there's little things I'm learning (and sometimes, just RE learning) now that I'm back to having a beginner's interest in it all again. 

When I was first diagnosed all those ages ago, I remember some nutritionist telling me that eating protein and fat with your carbs slows down the absorption rate of the carbohydrate. I was told it was important, therefore, to balance out my snacks and meals with whatever the proper fat/protein/carb suggestion was, especially before I went to bed.  However, like so many nutritional facts, apparently, the thinking on this one has changed over the years.  Now, they're saying, carbs get in there on their schedule, and proteins get in there on their schedule, and the same goes for the fats. One doesn't really effect the other.  Proteins and fats do effect blood sugars way later (and much less so) than carbs, but this explains why Mexican food can cause a very late spike in my blood sugars.  As in 4 hours later... 

Another little thing I've never heard until recently is that if you're insulin injection seems to not having an effect your blood sugar, it could be caused from dehydration.  So sometimes, if you just drink a glass of water, you might start to see the effect of the insulin getting in there and battling it out with a rising, or just sitting idly blood sugar. I've tried that and it's TRUE! I'm outside in this Texas heat a lot, and so water is my best friend.  But sometimes, I forget to call her. 

My third recently learned factoid is this: if you inject 7 or more units in one shot, it doesn't absorb as well.  So the suggestion is, for example, when I take my 10 units of Lantas for the day, it's better to break it into two shots, 5 units each, in a different injection site.  I've tried this the past two mornings.  Who knows if it's making a difference because with the amount of insulin I take, it's a little hard to tell, but things have been especially good the past couple of days.

But seriously- what do I know?

Not all that much.  Some days I think I've totally got my diabetes all figured out.  Other days, I'm completely pissed at spikes I can't explain.
So, I just keep reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts and experimenting with whatever sounds logical.  I like a good challenge.  And I'm fortunate to have a life long one...


  1. Wow! These are three great tips! I did not know about the dehydration! I'm going to totally use that one! Thanks!

    1. well, like i said, "what do i know"! i've heard that about the dehydration, and with experimenting lately it SEEMS to be true. tell me what you think and if you notice that it helps. good luck!

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