Friday, September 4, 2015

Sometimes I Can't Even Remember Shooting Up!

Yes, the above is true.  I take multiple daily injections of insulin each day, every day.  I'm a junkie for my insulin and I can't live without it.

Because I shoot up so often, half the time I'm not even paying attention.  Sometimes, 5 minutes after taking a shot I'll wonder, "Wait, how much insulin did I take?!"  Other times, I'll notice a severe spike in my blood sugar after a meal and wonder, "Did I take my shot?"  It's super annoying, and it sounds ridiculous, but it is not an uncommon problem for a Type 1 diabetic. There's a lot to keep track of, and sometimes, the mind gets jumbled.

Because of that,  drug companies make a few pens that have a time stamp on them, like this one I use for my "fast" acting insulin.
Novo Echo Pen
It reminds you of how much insulin you took, and how many hours ago you took it.

I asked my doctor if they made a pen like that for the Lantus that I take only once a day, in the morning.  He said that although they used to, they stopped because since you only take it once a day, most people can keep it straight.

That is a lie. That is coming from a doctor who is not a Type 1 diabetic.  First of all, things that are daily habits, don't require much thought.  So it's not that hard to occasionally forget- especially if you're routine is disrupted.  Secondly, there is in fact a product made for the "few" people that can't remember shit- like me! It's a cap you can put on an insulin pen that keeps track of it for you.  I bought it online recently, after my doctor told me there was no such thing. 
There is such a thing!  It's called Timesulin. And you can order it online for around $30.

Usually during my sleeping hours, I have a steady line in a happy blood sugar range through the night.  It tends to dip a little low, but I rarely, if ever, have problems with it going too high.  But this morning I looked at my Dexcom and saw that my blood sugar had hovered around a steady 200 all night.  WHAT?!  That sucks!! I even took some insulin right before bed to get it down.  I thought if anything, I'd wake up during the night with a LOW blood sugar reading.  Not high.  What in the world was going on?

It's easy to forget what you forget.  I wondered if it was possible I had skipped my shot yesterday morning.  I really couldn't remember, I just knew I had a stressful morning, rushed around, and had an appointment I was really anxious about.  But I couldn't remember if I had taken my shot.  Or if I had brushed my teeth.  Or if I had turned off the light in my closet.  All little mundane habits I don't usually think that much about.

But, thanks to my Timesulin, I looked at my pen, and sure enough, it let me know it had been over 40 hours since my last shot of Lantas.  That totally explained the high readings.  I just thought for some reason, my insulin requirements were a little high the previous day due to stress or whatever.  But nope.  I needed more fast acting insulin all day because I didn't taken my shot of Lantas that morning.

Once I took my Lantas, and my fast acting insulin, and I ran 3 miles, and drank my Vitamix,and I walked my dogs another 3 1/2 miles, this is what happened to my blood sugar. 
High to a great feeling low.
And it's been nice and steady throughout the whole day.

Not only do I shoot up daily to avoid getting high, sometimes I can't even remember doing it.  So it helps so much to have tools that help me with that.

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