Monday, August 17, 2015

I Have Diabetes and I Can Eat a Donut

Over the years, many people have said things to me like, "Oh- you have diabetes?  So you can't have sugar, right?"

Or they'll walk into a party with some delicious looking dessert but then look at me and say, "Oh sorry, I know you can't eat this because of your DIABEETUS."  Out of frustration, I've occasionally answered their statement by saying, "Well, if I really wanted to, I could eat that plus a whole bag of sugar.  I'd just need to take more insulin to cover it."  But of course, I wouldn't eat an entire bag of sugar.

But a donut?  Yes.  I can and I sometimes will eat a donut.  But if we're being honest, no one really should eat them. Not someone like me who's a Type 1.  And not a Type 2.  And not even a non-diabetic person! So I generally stay away from them, only eating them on a rare but delicious morning.  But it's not my Type 1 that stops me from eating sugar.  It's my overall desire for good health.
Proceed With Caution- EVERYBODY!

But I confess. Today I indulged.  I ate a donut. And of course it wasn't a  healthy choice.  But, oh my gee, was it delicious!

I took my typical morning shot of insulin- although not a donut dose- thinking I could get away with it by running an extra couple miles during my morning run.

Sometimes that works for me.  I notice that when I do a more intense aerobic exercise, even if it only lasts about 20 minutes, it often drops my blood sugar more than walking for an hour does.  I think of it like my blood is moving that insulin into my body that much faster. Like I said, sometimes that works. (And I'd rather err on the side of not quite enough insulin prior to a workout, than too much. That's not advice, that's just how I like do it.) 

It didn't work for me today though.  After a 20 minute run, followed by a 1 hour and 15 minute walk, my blood sugar was still higher than I wanted it to be.

Thanks to my Dexcom, I could see what was happening~My blood sugar was stuck around 180 for nearly 2 hours while I was running and then walking my dogs, and it never really dropped.  So, I felt comfortable taking another small dose of insulin to knock it down another 90 points or so.  For a while, it was looking good...

 Then quickly, it started looking like it was going to go a little too low.
If all I knew was that my blood sugar was 88, and I didn't have the Dexcom to tell me it was falling fast by that straight arrow down, I might not have corrected until I was feeling a low blood sugar a little while later.

But thanks to my Dexcom, I ate handful of grapes...
The Grapes of the Donut's Wrath
and soon, I had an arrow that wasn't going up or down, but straight across.  Just how I like it.
Blood Sugar Recovery Post Donut
So yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes. And also yes, I CAN eat a donut.


  1. Great blog post! Donuts sure are a tasty treat. I think the exercise you added in seemed to really help level things off. I love me some Dexcom!

  2. I sure love it too, Trixi! ;) Thanks-

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