Friday, July 24, 2015

A Case for My Glucometer

Although I'm liking my new glucometer, the Accu-Chek Aviva Expert, I am hating the case it came in.  It's similar to all the stupid, boring, black cases my glucometers of the past have come in. But even slightly worse.

The elastic that is suppose to hold the test strips, as well as the one that holds the lancet device are just way too tight to easily fit them in and out for each use. Additionally annoying, the elastic that holds the glucometer in place covers the buttons I need when logging in my data information.  I'm pretty sure the designers of these lame cases are not users of the glucometer.  It's such a hassle to try dealing with the elastic straps, that I just let the strips and lancet device run free.  So, they tend to fall into my lap or onto the ground when I unzip the case. Not only that, but it's very hard to see it in my purse, also known as "the black hole". I often have a brief moment (or more) of panic wondering if I accidentally left my meter at home before finally finding it.
the elastic straps are useless and annoying.
After years and years and years of hating these lame cases, it finally occurred to me that I can use any freakin' case I want.  My friend gave me this adorable little hedgehog coin purse about a year ago.I've just been keeping extra guitar picks in it, and although I love it, it wasn't really put to much use.  UNTIL TODAY.
glucometer case- new and greatly improved
Now it's my brand new glucometer case!!! It's the perfect size, things don't fall out of it since the zipper is on the top, and it's very easy to find in my purse---Not just it's color, but also by it's feel.  So even if I'm in a dark place digging around for it, no problem! Yay!!! Problem solved.
all of my glucometer supplies are safe and sound in this case
Little things like this can make such a difference in the daily life of a diabetic.  If something this simple is bothering you, change it! Don't wait 20 years like I did.
The choice is so obvious, right?!

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